Voice Work Check list

This list is to ensure that you get the end product you desire.
One of the most important things for a voice actor is direction.
Many times this is the main cause for dissatisfaction with submitted
work second only to equipment problems. Without clear direction
the voice actor is left to assume what you the client are wanting.

1. Describe how the voice will sound?

2. If you can please give examples of a voice that is close to the sound?

3. How does this character speak?
Example: Slow long winded, words combine together at times,
His voice is raspy and it sounds like he has to make great effort to
get his words out.

4. If this is a visual work please provide pictures of the character.
This will help the actor get a feel of the voice.

5. What format do you want the product in?
(Typically wav is the best but very large in size. mp3 is one of the worst with its compression)

6. Are there any words or names in the script that could be pronounced in different ways?
If so please type out how to pronounce it (example poh-tat-ohh or paa-taa-to)

7. When is the due date for first draft, second drafts and final product?